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* Using this webmap you can find Planning and Building Control Applications made since 6 April 2009.
* You can search for the site, using either the Application Number, postcode or road name.
* A site that contains an Application will have a red outline. The colour will depend upon the type of Application.
* Choose the Query Item tool above, click on an Application site and all Planning and Building Control applications for that site will be displayed. Click on the number and a new window will open showing the details of that application.
* You may use the controls at the top of the map to move around the island and view details of any application on the Registers.
* Zoom In - left-click, hold and draw a box. Let go and the map will zoom in on the chosen area.
* Zoom Out - repeat the above after choosing the Zoom Out button.
please select one of the search types listed below.
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